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Aug. 15th, 2012


Day 38

August 15 Day 38! Lazy Me! Bad Mel!

Turtle eggs seem to be doing well! As far as I can tell, the nest is undisturbed and unharmed. They may hatch next week!

Although I don't post daily, I can see the nest from our bedroom window. I peer out the window in the morning when removing the window fan, and again in the afternoon when I put the fan back in. I admit I talk to them. I tell them I love them very much. Mr Awesome Pants says I'm crazy ;)

Yesterday, I had raised the "cage" since it has settled. I put small rocks underneath to help hold the cage. I'm extremely concerned the soon-to-be-hatchlings won't be able to escape to find shelter, water, and food.

This is getting me very excited over here! And nervous. I'm just nervous they won't make it. I very badly want them to survive. Maybe I am crazy.

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment!

Sally super close up. Trixie prefers to pose and model for the camera. Hahaha...

Thank you so much for your support!
Mrs Awesome Pants

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Jul. 15th, 2012


Day 7 July 15

Day 7. Turtle eggs still un-harmed. :D

I haven't posted in too long. Out of pure laziness due to being pretty busy.

Yesterday was The Big Move day. It went great! I now have piles of stuff all over Mr Awesome Pants' house in the extra rooms.

After The Big Move was completed, Mr AP and I got to relax a little bit. Later in the evening, his mom (the best MiL ever) and Gramma came over for dinner. Grilled burgers, refreshing salad of spinach, strawberries, blueberries, walnuts, and homemade coleslaw. Yummmm

I made these delicious Klondike Cups from I made mine into bars though. :) We had some after The Big Move with my Dad and Stepmom. And the rest we devoured for dessert with MiL and Gramma. :) mmmmmm

And we now have new furniture. His old couches are outside, mine are in. Haha.

We have been busy packing up my apartment and getting it ready to be cleaned and then the walk-through so I can get my money back! :D

Today, we installed two new windows in the house. I also got some laundry done.

Of course, here are some pics for your enjoyment.

Mrs Awesome Pants

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Jul. 11th, 2012


Day 3

July 11, 2012. Day 3.

Came home from work to un-load the packing from my car. I really hate moving! Mostly because I am finding that Mr Awesome Pants himself has too much crap of his own to get rid of, leaving me with little space for my things. I did a lot of purging already while packing up my apartment. I really love throwing things away!

After un-packing the cars, I visited my turtle egg friends. They seem to still be un-harmed!! :D

My kittie kat Trixie inside my empty jewelry armoire.

My other kittie, Sally, in one of her silly sleeping positions.

I figured I'd entertain you with other things than boring turtle eggs.

Mrs Awesome Pants

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Jul. 10th, 2012


Clyde - errrr - CLAUDIA

July 10. Day 2.

Sunday, Mr Awesome Pants and I found an Eastern Box Turtle on the side of the house!
At the time, we were talking about re-doing the trim of the windows, and I almost stepped on it! YIKES!
The turtle was digging a hole at the time. Since neither of us knew much about turtles at the time, we guessed it was trying to escape the heat. Mr A-P knew that box turtles are hard to come by in our region (Charlestown, RI), and told me we have to keep it wild. Wild animals are meant to be kept wild. And I agree! I just felt sad that these turtles are endagered. =/

At first, I guessed the turtle was a male and "named" it Clyde. After some search-engine-ing, I realized that they dig to nest, so Clyde is now Claudia. The next morning, I saw the hole was filled and assumed she laid her eggs.

I then contacted a BFF who deals with this sort of thing for a living to ask her a few million questions. She was incredibly informative, patient and helpful!

-Female Box Turtles typically nest in June. 5-6 eggs at the most will be laid.
-She leaves after laying her eggs and probably will not return.
-The eggs will hatch in 45-60 days, 90 days the latest. Aug 22 is 45 Days. Sept 6 is 60 days. Sept 21 is 75 days. Oct 6 is 90 days.
-If they *do* hatch in October, they will stay in their nest through the winter. They will prey on insects and leaves.
-Box turtle eggs can be smelled by other predators such as deer and birds, which is partly why their mortality rate is so high.

With our turtle-expert friend's help, we built a protective "cage" for these eggs to keep them safe!
She suggested a wire mesh anchored to the ground, but with a gap at the bottom for the hatchlings to escape when they are ready. We used chicken wire that is left-over from when he built a Cat Hotel for the kitties last summer on the deck. (We are remodelling - siding, new framing for new windows and everything involved in that on all sides of the house - the cats have to be holed up for days at a time. Having the access to the outdoors keeps them entertained and plenty of fresh air) For the stakes, we used leftover wood from our house projects with the ends cut almost like arrows so they can be hammered into the ground. We used cable ties to attach the ends of the chicken wire together. And the top to the sides.

I have included some pics!

Thank you so much for your support!

Mrs Awesome Pants

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